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Alaka’i Associates mission is to be a guide for others in living a more activated life in health and wellness. Let’s journey together.

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Lani Almanza

Lani Almanza


Born in Hawai’i and raised on the Windward side of Oahu, Lani’s experience includes the roles of wife, mother, and grandmother, as well as teacher, trainer, and facilitator in educational, business, and non-profit environments. Lani’s professional career has been committed to helping create healthier lives and communities.

After completing her Master’s degree in Communication from the University of Hawaii, Manoa, Lani worked with the American Cancer Society for fifteen years in a variety of leadership roles that included health communication and community engagement. After retiring from ACS, she began her own wellness business, Alakaʻi Associates, whose mission is to be a guide to lead others to more activated lives in health and wellness.

She also currently holds a volunteer role as COO of a new nonprofit, Gimme A Break, whose mission is to care for caregivers, and is the Contributing Editor to their online magazine, Givers Guides, that supports the organization.

Lani also facilitates wellness retreats and provides wellness workshops to community groups.

Kukui – The Tree of Light

Considered one of the “canoe plants” that arrived with Polynesian migration, with many uses including medicinal, food, dye and waterproofing for kapa, and fishing, but most revered for its role as both a literal and spiritual source of light. 

In recent tradition, it has come to symbolize enlightenment, knowledge, protection, guidance, peace, and learning. 

‘olelo no’eau: said to have been orignially cited by a Tahitian mother to her son, which poetically links the continuation of the ‘ohana and their enlightenment with the illumination shed by a chain of kukui seeds. “The seed was sown. It budded, it blossomed. It spread out and budded again and joined line on line, like the candlenut strung on one stem. ‘Tis lighted. It burns aglow and sheds its light o’er the land.

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