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Alaka’i Mentor. With its origins in Greek mythology, where Odysseus leaves his son Telemachus with his friend Mentor to teach him while Odysseus was away fighting and then Athena snatching him...

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Heart and Soul

Heart and Soul For some that phrase, heart and soul, might conjure up a famous song melody. For others, it may connect more with a sense of commitment, energy, and enthusiasm. And for some it might...

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Counting Sheep

Counting Sheep Most of us have heard the quote that refers to falling asleep equated to counting sheep, but if you are like me and my mind at bedtime that never works. And yet, sleep is one of the...

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Tips to Organize for the Holidays

Tips to Organize for the Holidays The holiday season is meant to be a time of celebrations, not a time to be running around tired, stressed, and being a grinch. While we all have times where tasks...

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Creativity Meditation for 2020

Creativity Meditation for 2020 I thought we could all use some time to reset our creativity buttons and look forward to better times. You may want to record this so that you can play it back and be...

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Finding the Words

Finding the Words As a writer, sometimes I struggle to find the right words or topics to share with you. I ask myself, “What would be most relevant or helpful?” This month’s blog finds me in that...

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