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Temporarily Closed for Maintenance

Temporarily Closed for MaintenanceThe Universe continues to remind me that I need to tend to some personal spiritual and physical maintenance, so the blogs will be fewer for the time being. I will...

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Onward…to Health and Happiness

As I continue to reset myself, part of that includes finding ways to exercise that fit my physical abilities and interests. Growing up I was not the type to engage in sports but the physical...

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Steps, not Speed

Steps, not Speed On my way to a more fulfilled life, there are times when the Universe has had to remind me to slow down and pay attention. Have you ever felt like that? Well, mid-March my body said...

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be creative!

To follow up on the last posting, here are a few words of wisdom to keep you on your creative path.“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.” ~ Erich Fromm“True creativity often...

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Wear the Red Shoes

Lately I have been drawn to the subject of creativity – perhaps because I need to re- insert some into my life – so today we are going to explore what creativity might look like. No doubt you might...

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Finding Abundance

Finding Abundance My birthday always brings me the opportunity to recognize the abundance in my life and express gratitude. One of the turning points in my journey was when I was able to really...

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