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Caring & Caregiving

Caring & Caregiving In a new partnership with a non-profit providing support for caregivers, I wanted to take a closer look at what that term, caregiver, actually means. Here are some of the...

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Summer Reading

Summer Reading I wouldn’t call myself an avid reader but when I find a really good one I devour it! Sometimes more than once! With the changes that summer brings to most of our schedules it allows...

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14 Days to Inner Calm

14 Days to Inner Calm 14 Days to Inner CalmIt is sometimes hard to determine whether the worst part of stress is its source – work issues, family problems, or keeping up with a house that is in...

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Habits for Health

Habits for Health More and more we are hearing about the importance of habits not only for acquiring success but also in achieving optimal health. One of my favorite authors, Arianna Huffington,...

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Alaka’i Mentor. With its origins in Greek mythology, where Odysseus leaves his son Telemachus with his friend Mentor to teach him while Odysseus was away fighting and then Athena snatching him...

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Heart and Soul

Heart and Soul For some that phrase, heart and soul, might conjure up a famous song melody. For others, it may connect more with a sense of commitment, energy, and enthusiasm. And for some it might...

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