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Take Time to Care

Take Time to Care May brings us to the time to focus on our mental wellness/wellbeing. This is such an important piece of our wellness, I wanted to start with how we might define mental...

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Finding Focus

Finding Focus FINDING FOCUSIn our modern world, stress and fatigue have become so commonplace that, for many, both have become almost habitual. The pattern is all too familiar. We load our life...

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All About Hugs

All About Hugs “Bear with me” on this….Gimme a hug! A phrase and gesture that encompasses a wide variety of denotations and connotations. By definition, hug seems to connote good feelings. Its...

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The Heart of Self Care

The Heart of Self Care The Heart of Self CareNavigating life is tricky and sometimes feels overwhelming and we yearn for quieter time and space. One way to find respite is to have access to...

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Alaka’i News January 2024

Alaka’i News January 2024 The Art of Being in Gratitude and AbundanceI came to an awareness that abundance comes in many forms and we have to train ourselves to notice it. Somewhere along my...

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A Season of Magic

A Season of Magic A Season for MagicWhether you live in a cold or warm climate, during this season of the year there is a special magic to be found…..if we can pause long enough. In the midst of the...

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