More About Spring…

by | Apr 28, 2017

More about Spring…

I mentioned it before, but one of my favorite books is “Goal Sisters: Live the Life You Want With a Little Help from Your Friends” (by Michelle Beaulieu Pillen and Ann Leach), especially the chapter titled, How Does Your Goal Garden Grow. It just seems appropriate to revisit for spring and share a couple of key ideas for setting new goals and organizing (paraphrased from Goal Sisters with permission).

  • Before you plant be sure to build a shed that will motivate you…your primary place for thinking and planning.
  • Make sure you have good tools (computer, journals, writing tools) and give yourself enough time, energy, and commitment.
  • Till and tend your garden to keep out unwanted pests (limiting thoughts and beliefs).
  • Be sure not to overplant or have too many varieties of plants that might not grow well together.
  • Share your blossoms (success, ideas) with others.

~ Bloom where you are planted ~

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