A Different Kind of Diet

by | May 29, 2018

Diets have never been something I am fond of or seem to adhere to, but here is a different kind of diet I can get behind Рa GRATITUDE  diet. A little goes a long way. Are you getting your recommended daily requirement?

¬†Here’s how it works…

First, train yourself to pay attention to the good things, large and small, that occur in your life every day. Start with what you are naturally grateful for such as your family, your house, then keep on looking for what else feels right in your life. Stop yourself during the day to notice what is going right.

Second, make gratitude and thankfulness a part of your daily emotional diet. Look at yourself in a full length mirror and appreciate all your positive attributes. Give yourself positive affirmations.

Third, develop a memory for goodness and the kindnesses that come your way. It helps to write these down in a gratitude journal. Try to list at least five each day.

Fourth, go a little farther than a verbal thank you. Hand written thank you notes are still appreciated. Or give someone a small gift such as their favorite cup of coffee or tea as a way of extending thanks and gratitude.

Fifth, teach your children (and grandchildren) to recognize the gifts in their lives. Help them develop a habit of gratitude by naming one thing they are grateful for before going to bed.

Last, but not least, do unto others and smile. Be the reason someone smiles.

¬†A grateful spirit brightens your mood, boost energy and infuses your daily life with a sense of abundance. Take time to appreciate even the less obvious, such as a summer sunset or a child’s hug. Let gratitude fill you up!

until next time…