A Fresh Look at Spring

by | Mar 15, 2019

In my last blog we started to address the age-old concept of spring cleaning as it pertains to our homes. For today, I wanted to share some ideas about spring cleaning as it pertains to our personal lives.

Take stock of your life and the vision you have for the year ahead. There are a number of ways to start this. You can start with just a paper and pen and answer these questions: What is truly important to you at this time in your life? What needs to change in the year to get you closer to the life you imagine? You could also create a vision board to reflect your answers to those questions. You might notice that what is truly important is beyond things that you might acquire, but focuses more on your health and peace of mind.

Spring cleaning often involves an effort to declutter our closets. What no longer fits or is out of style? Well, the same concept can be applied to our personal life. What ideas or habits have you been holding on to that no longer have a purpose? Or perhaps it is relationships that need to change. Spring is a time to align your behaviors with the vision you have established for the year.

In order to create that freshness to your vision there are some key areas that might also have some tasks that need attending to. However, let’s not overwhelm ourselves by putting too much on the list at once. Spend one week on each of these three areas: home, personal, and generosity.

Starting with your home. Are there any simple home maintenance tasks that are essential for a smooth functioning home? Such as changing filters in your air conditioning, replacing batteries in your smoke detectors, or cleaning your ceiling fans. Taking care of these small tasks now can eliminate bigger ones later.

Next, a week of attending to personal tasks. These tasks are associated with helping you focus on the long-term vision of your health and happiness. Start by cleaning out unhealthy foods from your kitchen and 10 minutes of walking each day. This will remind you to continue to nourish your body and soul.

One of the keys to happiness is directly related to doing things for others. Our world needs you. Start with something small but find a way to volunteer your time. Have you heard of the “butterfly theory”? It says that even the beat of a butterfly’s wings can cause a tornado. Or the one small pebble dropped in the lake, creating a continuous ripple effect. One small gesture can make the world a better place.

Next, commit to these three things: family, friends, and your work. Reflect on what you can do to improve your relationships with family. Yes, we all have them, and they all have their individual dynamics, but you can start a new season by opening your heart. This is also true with friendships. While some have a unique quality to stay strong no matter the time or distance, they all need to be nurtured. Connect with a friend with either a phone call, hand-written note, or coffee date. And for your work, take stock of how you approach your work and commit to a renewed practice of focusing on putting your best self forward every day.

And now, back to your closets. Get rid of the clothes that don’t fit or are completely out of style. If you can’t quite bring yourself to a complete overhaul, start with at least one box to give away. Bring out those brighter colors that will help you celebrate spring!

Until next time…