A Trinity of Courtesies

by | Jun 5, 2018

Three of the most powerful phrases in our lives are Please, Thank you, and I’m Sorry. When we treat each other with this mutual respect we create harmony and grace in our daily lives.

In the art of persuasion, please is a powerful word. A request can sound more like an order unless you add the word please. It softens the tone and inspires a more gracious response. It can provide a calming effect in an otherwise hurried situation. By saying please, you encourage those around you to want to work with you.

Two small words, thank you, can show gratitude, appreciation, and affirmation. While saying the words has impact, going one small step beyond that to write a note, make a small gesture, or offer a small token along with the words can make it so much more powerful and heartfelt.

The hardest part of our trinity is saying, “I’m sorry” because we feel vulnerable in admitting our part in the transaction. But once you can get past that, those words can turn war into peace and frustration into relief.

These simple words will add grace to your life and shows those closest to you that you care about them, respect them, and are sensitive to their feelings.

So, let me close this post by saying thank you to those who are reading or following this blog. I hope you find the grace you seek.

until next time…