A Year of Gratitude

by | Apr 3, 2018

As I approach the first anniversary of my blog I took a look back at all I have to be grateful for in the past year and beyond there, what has brought me here. I have kept journals for a very long time and one thing I find consistent in them are my gratitude lists and also the things I have listed on them.

Sometimes gratitude is as simple as enjoying a refreshing glass of iced tea on a warm day or being able to take a walk on the beach. Being with family and friends is a constant, and even if the names on the list change over time, there are some that have been with me for a lifetime. Pets have shown up a numerous lists, and again, while the names may change, my gratitude for their companionship has been constant.

It may sound odd to some, but for the most part I have been grateful for my jobs and the opportunities they have provided me to grow. Some have been more satisfying than others and as I look back it has been because either the work connected me with others who shared goals and aspirations with me or it was that the work fulfilled my sense of purpose.

I am grateful for books and authors who over the years have given me wisdom and knowledge, as well as simple enjoyment. Being able to hold a book still provides me with a special sense of connection much more than any digital device. Besides literature, I am also grateful for being raised with a love for music and art. Music touches me in so many different ways, whether it is classical, blues, or good old rock ‘n roll, it can lift my soul. Art come in many forms, and whether created by nature or man, it too can provide moments of awareness and peace.

I am eternally grateful for my loving husband and the four children we raised who all became such intelligent and compassionate adults. They each are creating a more caring and compassionate world around them.

I could go on and on with my gratitude lists and for that alone I am thankful. My life is richly blessed.

until next time…