Advice from Your Role Models

by | Jul 21, 2017

There are so many resources out there providing advice that I thought I would share with you an activity you can do for yourself or with a group that may help you focus on what resonates for you. You will need a stack of index cards (or other small cards – I like colored paper). First, think about anyone you have met, admired, or inspired you. It could be a family member, school teacher, boss, coach, spiritual leader, writer, or prophetic guide. Be sure you create a clear mental image of this person. Write their name on a card and then write down one or two sentence of what you think they would say to a younger person. It could be advice about attitudes, behaviors, skills, or leadership. Try to get at least 5 cards so that you can use them as daily reminders and affirmations. If you do this with a group, exchange your cards or read them aloud to each other and guess who might be the role model giving this advice. See if there are similar pieces of advice among the group. Finally, once all cards have been shared, remind each person it is not the number of pieces of advice that count but the one piece they can count on.

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