by | Mar 5, 2021

Mentor. With its origins in Greek mythology, where Odysseus leaves his son Telemachus with his friend Mentor to teach him while Odysseus was away fighting and then Athena snatching him away, you might not know where to start to identify what a mentor really is.

Today’s mentors are much less intimidating as they are simply the people you admire and who are willing to help you chart a course that is right for you. You can have mentors for both personal and professional development. One of the most important qualities of a good mentor is one who knows how to listen well and will not simply tell you what to do or what you want to hear. Also, mentors are meant for a “season of time” not a lifetime, although the impact they have on you may last forever. Mentors are often seen as needing to be a decade older – and that certainly helps with life experience – but I have had a couple of younger mentors who have been equally important to the course of my life experience. How do you know when you have found a mentor? It can be after a concerted search effort or as simple as finding that person, who while having coffee together, you just click. That person whose advice and counsel help you find clarity on your personal journey.

I had the privilege of working with a trio of trainers years ago who all were great mentors, but there was one that was uniquely special in the way that she made most everyone feel, although for me it was life-changing. I recently found some of the notes she shared with me that gave me the strength and courage to find my purpose and set me on a course that led to Alaka’i Associates.  Here is what she wrote:

“Aloha Lani, I suppose a long time ago I learned from a very dear friend that the greatest compliment we can possibly pay one another is to take the time and wear their color. I think of your gentle spirit, your soft touch, your willing attitude, your vision to look up and out and beyond, your belief in something bigger than yourself, and the sparkle in your eye when you are teaching and learning when I pause to celebrate you. In ways words would never hold, you have touched my living with your grace and I know the privilege of this. I am celebrating You! I am celebrating with You!” Those words of affirmation and encouragement continue to motivate me every day.

So, here I am today, hoping to be a mentor or guide through Alaka’i Associates to share the expertise I have gained from life’s lessons. However, the lessons also continue. It is important that we stay life-long learners and continue our personal development, our journey of awareness and wellness. For daily affirmations and encouragement I invite you to follow me on Facebook, @alakaiassociates. 

Until next time..