An Alphabet of Life’s Treasures

by | May 31, 2018

In today’s busy world, we rarely have time to stop to notice all of life’s treasures and be grateful. Here is an alphabet list of reminders of some of life’s treasures to guide you in those moments of mindfulness.

A – abundance, ancestors, animals

B – balance, breath, brothers

C – change, children, creativity

D – determination, dignity, divinity

E – earth, energy, emotions

F – faith, family, friends

G – gifts, God, grace

H – health, hugs, humor

I – imagination, insight, integrity

J – journey, joy, justice

K – kindness, kisses, kin

L – laughter, liberty, love

M – mercy, music, meditation

N – nature, nourishment, now

O – oceans, oneness, optimism

P – peace, patience,  prayer

Q – quiet, questions, quest

R – rain, rest, rituals

S – silence, smiles, spirit

T – teachers, traditions, time

U – uniqueness, understanding, universe

V – vacations, voice, vision

W – waking, walking, wellness

X – eXperience, relaXation, equinoX

Y – yearning, yesterday, youth

Z – zeal, zest, amaZement

Now we’ve learned these ABC’s, next time won’t you say one with me.

Until next time…