Ancient Wisdom

by | Jul 7, 2017

Last year I had the wonderful experience of traveling with two of my dearest childhood friends through Yosemite. One of our stops was at the Tuolumne Grove with the huge Sequoia trees all around. I was struck with awe at the ancient energy from every element around me – the trees, the rocks, the water in lakes and rivers. In their presence I was called to listen and knew that Jacob’s spirit was there with me. It inspired me to write the following verse:

Today in the silence of ancient trees

I hear you calling to me.

From granite heights I hear your voice.

In quiet lakes and rolling streams

I find a peace to calm my dreams.

And sometimes I hear the wind whisper a prayer

Just to let me know you are there.

I have also found a Facebook page where if you can’t get to the forest for its healing energies, the forest can come to you – I encourage you to take some time to connect with that ancient wisdom.

a hui hou…