Be Nice, Be Kind

by | Jun 12, 2018

Sometimes just the smallest gesture can create ripples beyond our intentions. So why not create ripples that generate a positive effect? Being nice, or being kind, doesn’t mean you say yes to everything or everyone. It doesn’t mean you give in. What it does mean is that every time you interact with someone you keep their feelings in mind and offer grace and empathy.  Here are a few ways you can offer kindness:

1. When your child gets a report card, send it back with a thank you note to their teacher for their support of your child’s education.

2. Send a friendly card to someone with whom you may have had a recent disagreement.

3. Instead of signing your personal letters with “Sincerely” choose something more uplifting like “Enjoy your week” or “Have a great weekend.”

4. Let someone ahead of you in the grocery line.

5. Learn the names of the people who service you at the grocery store, coffee shop, cleaners, etc. Calling someone by name is a great way to connect.

6. Be especially nice to people who seem to be having a bad day.

7. Try to make someone laugh. Even those people who occasionally frustrate you.

8. Making sandwiches for lunch? Make an extra one and give it to a homeless person.

9. Use a stamp or stickers on the back of envelopes that say “Thanks” or other nice sentiments. Especially when you are paying bills as the people who open those envelopes probably don’t see or hear that too often.

10. Refrain from mowing or using a week whacker early on the weekends.

Just one of these will start the ripples that eventually will find their way back to you. Try it, you’ll see.

until next time…