Between Yesterday and Tomorrow

by | Mar 1, 2018

When our lives start to seem out of control, it is often because we are looking in the wrong direction. We start to look at the past and question where we should have made a different decision. Or we start looking at the future and how it will be changed because of the current situation. What we are missing is the power of the present moment.

I recall when Jacob was diagnosed with cancer how I kept telling myself I should have seen signs earlier that might have changed the course of yesterdays. Or, I would look into the future and speculate on all that might be changed from that moment on. What I learned through the course of that three year journey was to focus on the good of the present moment. Sometimes that took a lot of effort and even a full day seemed too much to handle, so you take it hour by hour, moment by moment.

Another quote from the book, God Never Blinks, comes from Andre Dubus, who wrote, “It is not hard to live through a day, if you can live through a moment. What creates despair is the imagination, which pretends there is a future, and insists on predicting millions of moments, thousands of days, and so drains you that you cannot live the moment at hand.”

So, my friends, I urge you to find your place and your peace in the present moment. That is where we are closest to our Creator.

until next time…