Blank Pages

by | Aug 16, 2017

What do they say to you? As I proceed with this blog endeavor I am facing the blank pages as a writer and sometimes they are inviting and other times frustrating. However, I just came across a journal that my son had started years ago and had gotten left on the shelf. The first few pages had wonderful photos, articles, quotes, but it was cut short – as was his life. Some of the inspiration in those first pages was truly a reflection of where he was in his life. A photo of a street sign with an arrow that said, “My Way”, a list of ideas for creating a quieter world, a dinner blessing that was his grandfather’s favorite, thoughts on forgiveness, and more. Here is one I especially like:

“Even when I’m feeling low, I can always find solace in nature, a restorative when dealing with pain. Wonder heals through an alchemy of the mind.”  ~ Author unknown

At first I didn’t want to intrude on his “space” but now its blank pages invite me to continue his story. The story of the life he has inspired in me. Those blank pages hold endless possibilities to fill.

Peace be with you…