by | Oct 16, 2017

As humans, we have an innate need for connections from the moment we are born. Scientific evidence has shown that babies who don’t receive that human touch can have what is sometimes called “failure to thrive” and this is also seen in the elderly who often become disconnected from family and loved ones. In recent observations of communities where people thrive to the age of 100, one of the key factors is that they have very strong, life-long connections with a group of friends who provide support and often share a common purpose. I am so grateful to say that I think I have a pretty solid set of connections.

First, I have a wonderfully loving family – my husband, four children, and four grandchildren, who are part of my purpose in life. Next, I have a set of close girlfriends, some I have known since we were seven years old, and know that I can call on them for love and support (and pray that I give that in equal measure in return).

Then there is a circle of friends with whom I share special bonds from life experiences, such as high school and weddings. I can hardly imagine a life without them. Part of the Alaka’i Associates journey and mission is to provide opportunities for people to find connections so that we may all live a life fulfilled. So, if you have those close connections, take this moment to thank them, and for those who may feel disconnected please reach out to at least one person to start to build a connection that will support you through all life’s ups and downs. Finding the right “tribe” will help you thrive.

until next time…