Endless Blue

by | Oct 4, 2017

I am blessed to live in a place that provides so much inspiration, especially when I am paying attention. Each day I drive home from work over the Koolau mountains and through the Pali tunnel. As you emerge on the Windward side there is a magnificent vista from the mountains to the sea. On this particular day, as I came out of the tunnel I was greeted with a crystal clear view of a beautiful blue ocean stretched out to the horizon and the first words that came to mind were “endless blue”. As I pondered those words I thought of the endless possibilities that stretched before me, especially when I am paying attention. So often I can get caught up in the day-to-day tasks that my drive to and from work seems to be on auto-pilot and I wonder how many of these awakening moments have passed be by? Nature is always there to nurture us and guide us to dream and imagine the possibilities – we just need to pay attention. Stop and take a look and tell me what you see.

until next time…