Finding Time

by | Sep 20, 2017

Since we can’t add any more hours to our day, we are all looking for ways to make the most of those precious 24 hours. Here are a few tips that might give you time for more self-care.

Rise and Shine

  • Install a hook on your door and hang your next day’s outfit there each evening.
  • Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier. You probably won’t notice a few minutes of sleep when you can start you day with less frenzy.

Control the Clock

  • Take a break every 45 minutes if you are sitting for long periods. It will improve your efficiency.
  • Pay attention to your energy levels. If you are a morning person, plan your more difficult tasks when you are most alert.

Workday Wonders

  • Enjoy your whole lunch break. Whether you bring your own or go out – take your time.
  • Evaluate the source of interruptions during the day, such as constantly checking emails. A good practice is 30-45 minutes at the beginning and/or end of your workday.

Telephone Tricks

  • Make a few quick notes before making phone calls so you don’t waste time getting to the point.
  • Keep pen and paper handy so you can write down action steps or important notes from you phone calls and voice mail.

Paper Pointers

  • Label files immediately to avoid having to look through them later to identify the contents.
  • Regularly purge files and either shred or recycle paper.

Small changes can often lead to large results = more time for what’s really important – YOU!

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