Finding Your Creativity

by | Jun 30, 2017

Writing this blog is really challenging me to keep my creative processes in tune. I have found myself returning to many of my favorite resources for inspiration so thought perhaps I should share those with you. As previously mentioned, the concept of FLOW, where you feel strong, alert, and at the peak of your abilities, really made sense to me. Another book by Csikszentmihalyi – Creativity, flow and the psychology of discovery and invention (1996) – looks at this in detail. I wish I had permission to quote him but in lieu of that encourage you to look it up, even if you just read the last chapter, you will be inspired to begin to search for your own creativity. Another book, the one that actually prompted this particular blog, is The Artist’s Way: a spiritual path to higher creativity, by Julie Cameron (2002), and her concept of “morning pages” and “the artist date”.  Those two concepts keep me grounded as well as moving forward. I would love to hear from other bloggers, writers, and artists what keeps you going? What tools do you use to keep you inspired?

until next time…