by | May 12, 2017

Generosity is such a gift! And it is all around if you pay attention. I recently had an experience that some might call coincidence, but I call a God-incident. An event orchestrated by the Universe. During a recent vacation I saw a Facebook post about this wonderful sunflower garden that was open for photos so decided to take myself on a little adventure. I was using a GPS mapping link which kept taking me to the wrong location so had to call and speak to someone at the farm to direct me in. I had anticipated asking someone to use my phone to take a picture of me, however it died as I was checking in. So, I approached a woman carrying a lot of camera equipment as well as her iPhone and asked a huge favor of a stranger. She graciously accommodated me and took my picture with her phone and sent it to me.

As I was waiting to leave I struck up a conversation with the woman driving the tractor and shared with her that it was my birthday and this was a treat to myself. She then asked if I was the one that called for directions and offered to take my picture.

On our way back she stopped the tractor near some papaya trees and picked one that was ripening and gave it to me as a birthday gift. We proceeded back to the check-in area and they had a corn and lemonade stand set up. If you have ever had Waimanalo sweet corn, you know I couldn’t pass that up, and lemonade at midday sounded so refreshing. So, I go up to the stand and order my lemonade and bag of corn and she says to her daughter to just ring me up for the lemonade and the corn is her birthday gift to me. I was overwhelmed by the generosity and blessing that was given to me that day and reminded that it is in giving that we receive and we must pay it forward.

Mahalo ke akua.