Getting Grounded

by | Oct 18, 2017

Over the past few weeks I have started a new activity that is helping me get and stay grounded. It actually has to do with the ground. Inspired by a friend who has an amazing aquaponic garden, and another couple of friends who have cultivated a wonderful garden in the midst of lava, I have committed to spending at least one hour each weekend gardening – of some sort. Right now that means clearing out a lot of weeds, leaves, and untamed growth to make space for the real garden. It has also involved re-potting and moving plants to new places and giving them some new nutrients. Today’s task was to nurture my lime and lemon trees so that they might begin to give fruit and while doing that I just realized how good it felt to touch the earth with newly turned warm dirt and cool water. My dream garden is months away but making this commitment to at least an hour on the weekend has become a time to reset my body and soul, and feel grounded to start a new week. It reminds me that no matter the size of the dream you can get there one hour, or one day, or one step at a time. Just stay grounded.

a hui hou…