Habits for Health

by | Apr 5, 2021

More and more we are hearing about the importance of habits not only for acquiring success but also in achieving optimal health. One of my favorite authors, Arianna Huffington, just released a new book called, Your Time to Thrive, that focuses on the science of tiny habits. One of my favorite personal development coaches, Brendon Burchard, shares his insight in his book, High Performance Habits and some of the keys to achieving your highest potential. There is an abundance of research on the topic of habits, how to develop them and which ones are most effective, but I wanted to focus on one that comes up over and over, establishing a daily routine. And rather than just sharing my routine, I asked one of my successful friends, Kirk D’Amico, to share his thoughts with us this month.

“I have been thinking about your request. I mean there is no right or wrong answer as to how people move forward and achieve some level of success with their careers. Everyone that I know seems to be in a constant state of trying to figure it all out, and this includes both their personal lives and their professional lives.

I guess that one primary focus for me has been to try to find the right BALANCE between my personal life and especially the time and energy for my family and how much I put into my working life. It never seems to be a perfect balance but rather that the scales move from one side to the other. At the end of the day I think that your personal life and your attention to your family and friends needs to take the priority but you still need to be able to put as much as you can into your work.

Since I regularly work with creative people I have noticed that those that often succeed do so by their COMMITMENT to a project or a role or a task that they have been assigned to. When actors or directors succeed they seem to do so most often if they are deeply committed to their craft and the project that they are working on. My work as a producer and a distributor gets results when I am focused and committed to it. If I am simply going through the motions the project can suffer in its quality or indeed even not get made or distributed.

Over the years I have benefitted from being POSITIVE and hopeful of achieving some level of success on each endeavor whether it be a film or a business venture or other project. The cliché of the glass half full or half empty plays out in the real world and the sense that the results of your actions can be successful is a powerful tool.

As I have gotten older I have seen the value of being able to FOCUS on a project or specific tasks. During my early days I think that I scattered my energy and tended to be distracted by whatever shiny new venture that presented itself. However in order to get solid results it often takes real focus on the issues or problems that present themselves to you. This focus can include the managing of people or the decisions that need to be made to solve the small and big problems before you. 

Finally I would say that over the years I have been reminded time and time again that I am not doing it all by myself. My work as a producer, director, or distributor requires that I work with other people. In order to successfully manage people it is crucial to listen to their ideas and thoughts about what they are working on. When I have been responsible for managing people I have achieved the best results by incorporating their observations and their expectations into the process. This doesn’t mean not taking RESPONSIBILITY for your decisions but rather fostering a real sense of COLLABORATION where everyone is invested in the outcome.”

Kirk D’Amico is the President & CEO of MYRIAD PICTURES, a leading independent entertainment company specializing in production, financing and worldwide distribution of feature films and television programming.

Balance, commitment, positivity, focus, responsibility, and collaboration! Finding your unique gift and being able to bring it forth for the benefit of others does take work, but the benefits and rewards are a fulfilled, abundant life. We are all forever on the journey and I am here, along with my great friends to be a guide. 

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