Happiness is a Choice

by | Jul 28, 2017

I’ve had this quote on a plaque in my home office for some time, but today was the day it called out to me: Happiness is a CHOICE and became the subject for this blog. As I started to reflect on it I first went to the dictionary to see what the “common” definition was and discovered that it implied happiness was something that happens to you, that you search for, or wait for it to come to you. There are hundreds of books and studies on the subject that somehow perpetuate the idea of a “search”. Yet all of that didn’t seem quite accurate to me. If we continue to wait for it we may feel our lives have been wasted as time goes on.

So, how do we make happiness a choice? Well, certainly each person is molded through their unique circumstances, environment, and learned beliefs, but I still think we all have the capacity to choose happiness on a daily basis. There are also a plethora of prescribed methods for “finding happiness” but I am inclined to keep it simple and start with small steps that will lead you to that happy place inside yourself. So here is what I am going to do starting today – start everyday with this as my mantra – HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE. I know that if I can do that consistently for a month I will create a deeper awareness of my own happiness and that small flicker inside me will ignite and perhaps illuminate the way for my own growth and for others.

Try it with me and share your results. Today is Day 1 to make happiness a choice.

until next time…