Home for the Holidays (1)

by | Nov 6, 2018

For some this may be a bit too soon, but the season is upon us for holidays, celebrations, and traditions. It is also the season for coming home – both physically and spiritually, so I wanted to begin to share with you some thoughts and actions that bring me “home” every year.

With Thanksgiving approaching, I started my month with #30daysofgratitude posts on Instagram @honumom808, to get my mind focused on all the things I have to be thankful for. While some days might present a challenge on the gratitude front, if you give yourself time to reflect you can always find something to be grateful for – even if it is your pet cats.

Then starts the planning for the festivities. Whether at your own home or traveling, it is always helpful to have a plan. Being somewhat of an organizer, over the years I have compiled a list of reminders that help me get through the holidays with a little more space in my schedule.

So let’s begin…

This week would be a good time to start making your own list(s). Start with determining where you will be spending the upcoming holidays and what that will require. If you plan on traveling, have you booked all necessary transportation and accommodations?

Are you planning to host any holiday celebrations? Decide the who/what/when/where and get those invitations out. And remember, not everyone on your list might be tech savvy, so you may need to send your invitation in multiple formats. Next, you may want to make a shopping list for any necessary decorations, food, and beverages. One of ways I have managed this is to have everyone bring their favorite holiday dish to share. It is always a tasty smorgasbord!

If gift giving is a part of your holiday traditions, be sure to start that list now and determine if gifts need to be ordered and so that you give yourself enough time for on-time delivery during the holiday rush. Or perhaps you change it up and instead of giving things you give experiences. It’s always better when we’re together forming memories.

Finally, don’t forget to plan your cleaning chores so that you aren’t trying to do it all in one day – right before your big celebration.

Okay, you are on your way to a peaceful holiday season. Come back each week for more ideas, tips, and reflections.

Until then…