Home for the Holidays (2)

by | Nov 13, 2018

Okay, if last week was too early for you, perhaps you are ready now to tackle a few steps towards a more peaceful holiday season. Over the years, I have found that my holiday to-do list has been a great resource for getting through the craziness that starts to ensure in the coming weeks. Even if I don’t start on time, just having it there helps me stay a little more focused on how to create or maintain some balance in my life.

So here we are in week 2…

If your community is like mine, the holiday craft fairs have begun and they are great for finding those unique, one-of-a-kind gifts. Or, if you are the crafty type, and haven’t already started making gifts, now would be a good time to get all those supplies together and start your creative engines.

If you have a busy family, now is the time to be sure to get all those special events on your family calendars. Those school plays and concerts, or arrivals and departures of holiday guests. That might also generate a list of clothing or costumes needed, or extra bedding and linens. Somethings can be set aside now so that you don’t have to be stressed at the last minute. Less stress means you will have more energy to focus on the time you spend with loved ones.

Do send holiday cards? With family photos? You might want to look into ordering those now so that you will have them ready to mail before the holiday mailing deadlines. There are lots of new online options for easy card making and ordering. Did someone move this past year? You may also need to check your address book for any that need to be updated. One of the traditions that seems to have diminished is the family Christmas letter. While some can end up being a saga, I have found that the ones I have kept from my childhood, as well as my own family, help to tell the story of our family from generation to generation. Whatever your tradition, it is still a special way we stay connected to family and friends, near and far.

Remember, our goal is a peaceful holiday season.

Until next time…