Inspiration in Unexpected Places

by | Aug 21, 2017

When you set your intentions in seeking to create the Universe is listening but you need to pay attention so you don’t miss seeing it in unexpected places. I was recently having lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen in years and really didn’t set out for the conversation to be focused on my creative intentions. We were sharing how our lives have moved through time with families and careers and it wasn’t until after we parted that I had this tremendous flood of inspiration and creative ideas come flowing through. I have developed a habit of sending myself a short text with the content idea and within 15 minutes I had sent myself at least 5 texts. So, this particular posting is to say thank you, dear friend, for being the instrument for the Universe that day. And for you, my followers, I encourage you to take the time to schedule that lunch with a friend and be open to what the Universe may send your way.

until next time…