It’s Always Better When We’re Together

by | Jan 9, 2018

The words of the Jack Johnson song – “it’s always better when we’re together” – have a special meaning for our family. The song was released around the time that we were going through our experience of Jacob’s passing and we had an awakening that being together as a family was the most important thing we could do. That sentiment has carried us through over the years and I was reminded of it again during our time together over the holidays. One of the great joys of that time together is seeing how our grandchildren are growing to be such caring and compassionate individuals which we know comes from loving parents.

That time together also reminded me of how Jack Johnson has influenced our family with his music and generosity. Over the years his music has always been relevant to what is going on in the world, but also in my life. His music always connects me with Jacob and is often as source of comfort as I face the crazy world each day. Thank you, Jack!

As we begin our journey into 2018, I invite you to listen to some of Jack Johnson’s music and see if something resonates for you. Music has such healing power.

until next time…