Leaving Tracks

by | Aug 25, 2017

“On your journey through the sands of time…leave tracks…”

~ anonymous~

This quote was on a card I once received from a co-worker and it just struck such a chord for me that I keep it posted right in front of me at my desk. It is a constant reminder that whatever I do, I am leaving tracks and to ask myself what is the positive impact I am making in everything I do. In both my professional and personal life – where and how am I leaving tracks? On this earth – what tracks am I leaving on the environment? With my family – what tracks am I leaving for them to follow? It really makes me focus on my intentions and often guides my decisions. I also consider that thankfully sometimes time is on our side and will erase some of the tracks that we may have not intended to leave behind. Like a wave washing up on the shore, creating a new space for new tracks. Take a moment to reflect on your own tracks and the impact you are making as you continue your journey.

until next time…