by | May 17, 2017

I don’t know about you, but I REALLY like lists. All kinds of lists. Grocery lists, wish lists, to-do lists, goals lists, etc. Lists also come in many forms – numbered, bullet points, or arrows. Just writing things down in a sequence gives a sense of order and control. And for me, the best part about lists is being able to check something off the list! Even the smallest task completed and checked off can provide a sense of accomplishment. As I look back through my journals I have uncovered all kinds of lists and found that sometimes just the writing of the list is the accomplishment. Or you see patterns in the lists, things that keep repeating, which make me stop and examine whether it is something that I really want or was it a passing idea that is no longer relevant. Time for a new list.

Here is one I recently uncovered:

  • Do the best you can, whatever arises.
  • Be at peace with yourself
  • Find a job you enjoy
  • Live in simple conditions – get rid of clutter
  • Connect with nature every day, feel the earth under your feet
  • Take physical exercise daily
  • Don’t worry, live one day at a time
  • Share something every day or give something away
  • Take time to wonder at life and the world
  • Find the humor in life where you can
  • Be kind to all creatures

What’s on your list?

A hui hou…