Lokahi and Balance

by | May 29, 2017

While there is no direct translation between lokahi and balance, the two concepts can be connected when we are talking about our well-being. According to most Hawaiian dictionaries, the meaning of lokahi is to be in one accord or agreement. So, when we are trying desperately to bring our lives into balance we can look to the lokahi wheel. This wheel is in keeping with the Hawaiian concept of lokahi which speaks of balance, harmony, and unity for the self in relationship to the body, the mind, the spirit and the rest if the world.

Take a moment to reflect on each of the six areas and whether you feel balanced in that area and in connection to the others. If one is out of balance it impacts the others. Apply each of the areas to an activity in your life. For example, work – how does your work impact each area of the wheel and the other activities or priorities in your life? Hopefully, being more mindful of the areas defined in the lokahi wheel will help you find more balance in your life. Let me know…

a hui hou