Make Miracles Happen

by | Jul 24, 2017

If you feel like you haven’t yet experienced a miracle I can understand, as most of us are locked into a pattern of basing our present reality on a lifetime of past experiences. But I am here to invite you to come into the present moment and begin to make miracles happen. I am currently reading a delightful book, E2 (Pamela Grout, 2013, Hay House, Inc.) that has reignited my awareness to our limitless capacity if we can just stay permanently plugged in to the energy of the Universe, God, Source – whatever you choose to call it. The noise and confusion that occurs all around us in today’s world can distract us from that energy force that ultimately connects us all. There is some work to be done to dispel the many myths we have about “God” so that we can truly tap in to that presence and energy that is available to us all the time, and it’s free. So, I invite you to at least stop for a moment, identify the miracles that are present in your life right this moment, and give thanks. And, if you do try Pamela’s’ experiments I would love to hear the results.

until next time…