Mauka Rain

by | Aug 4, 2017

I am so blessed to have the Ko’olau mountain range as a backdrop out my front door. On a clear, crisp, blue sky morning their shades of greens are a striking contrast that lifts my spirit. Then there are the days where the peaks are shrouded with gray clouds and as I drive over the Pali I am drawn inward as the rain comes down. Sometimes it is a soft, misty rain – kili noe – and other times it is a drenching downpour – ua ho’e’ele – and either way it somehow feels like a time for introspection. In the Hawaiian language there are more than 200 words and meanings for rain and each associated with particular places and there is something very special about my mauka (mountain) rain. After one of those drenching downpours every crevice has a waterfall, washing away the debris and replenishing our water supply. A reminder that sometimes we need to stop and do the same – wash away the debris of daily life and replenish our souls. Have you done that lately? Don’t wait for the next rainfall, just imagine yourself there.

a hui hou…