More Than A Tree

by | Feb 7, 2019

For those who have been following my blog you are probably acquainted with the connection between my kukui tree and Alaka`i Associates. (Under the Kukui Tree, Nov. 18, 2017) It holds a very special place in my heart, to Jacob, and the work I do.

Well, last week we had tree trimmers come to the house to trim three of our trees. One was a very large lychee tree that needed to be cut way back and that was the expected outcome, understanding that it would take time for it to grow back, but hopefully healthier and perhaps produce some fruit which has never done. The second tree was a Surinam cherry which just needed shaping as it had gotten to tall for us to do it ourselves. The third on the trimming list was our kukui. It has been constantly full of either blooms or fruit for so many years that it needed to be trimmed so that it could rest a bit, and my instructions (and expectations) were to trim it back about 1-2 feet all the way around. Once the crew started trimming I went to take care of some work inside and after about 10 minutes went back to check on the progress.

I was stunned. Literally, it felt like someone had hit me with a stun-gun. They had taken back way more than I had envisioned and with my deep connection to this particular tree it truly hit my heart. Now, some might say, “It’s just a tree and it will grow back” and in my mind of course I know that is a fact. However, I truly felt a pain that I had not anticipated. It was like the life source in that tree was resonating through me. Later, after the crew had left, I had to take a moment to go and spend time with the tree to reconcile with its energy and find a place of peace to move on towards new growth for both the tree and me.

I truly believe that there is a Universal energy source in every part of creation and if we stop and listen it has wisdom to share with us.

Peace be with you…

Until next time…