by | Jun 19, 2017

As we welcome the Hokulea voyaging canoe home to Hawaii after its voyage around the world, I thought this olelo no`eau, Hawaiian proverb, was most appropriate to share in the perspective of our own journeys.

ʽIke i ke au nui,

me ke au iki.

Know the big currents, know the little currents.

As with other sea-faring cultures, Hawaiians used nature to guide them on their journey.  At sea, the sun, moon, stars, wind, waves, and birds were used to navigate.  Vigilant study of all these sources was paramount to a successful voyage: the destination reached and lives saved.

This ʽōlelo noʽeau, Hawaiian proverb, applied today, in terms of navigating partnerships and new ventures, reminds us that in any journey we cannot let either the big or little things go unnoticed or unanswered. What may be little to us, may be big to another.  Even the smallest wave moving under the waʽa, or canoe, has something important to tell the navigator.

Welcome home Hokulea and all who sailed with you! You have shared a wealth of knowledge around the world that will last for generations to come. Mahalo!