Noblese Oblige

by | Jul 12, 2017

Over the past July 4th weekend I had the honor and privilege of sharing an experience with close friends and a retirement ceremony from the military. This was the second such privilege in the past month and it has given me pause to reflect on the sacrifice of our military families and those who give their lives in other forms of service to our community. The motto of the high school my children attended is “noblese oblige” which is loosely translated “to whom much is given, much is expected in return” and has provided them each with a profound sense of service. One in the military, one as a chaplain, and one to education. I was reminded in the two military ceremonies of the sacrifice also given by the spouses and partners of those who serve and the dedication and support they give unconditionally through long hours or long separations. These lives of service help to shape another generation of caring individuals who will see their example and continue to give of themselves to and for others.

The photos included in this post were taken at a very special place commemorating service and sacrifice – the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. For those and all those who give their lives to serve others I humbly say,
“Thank you!”


until next time…