Onward…to Health and Happiness

by | May 7, 2019

As I continue to reset myself, part of that includes finding ways to exercise that fit my physical abilities and interests. Growing up I was not the type to engage in sports but the physical activity that seemed to have found its way into my soul was hula. I took lessons at an early age and while I didn’t continue throughout my childhood, it was always something that always attracted my attention. I was thrilled as a parent of one daughter, that she also found an interest in it (and much more talent than I), and so we shared several years engaged in her hula activities. Then later in my adulthood I have found several opportunities to join various halau (hula studios) and so now that is one of the physical activities that nourish my body and soul.

The second physical activity that seems to suit me is the latest “untrendiest trend” – walking. I enjoy it alone listening to my favorites music, but find much more motivation with a companion, lately with my daughter, where we share the ups and downs of our days. In this article from Real Simple it lists some of the benefits of walking as well as provides some suggested routines, I particularly like the “Chill Out”. 

The third physical activity that I truly enjoy, but haven’t been able to find the right time or place to fit it into my routine, is being in the ocean. A pool can provide some of that calm that water brings, but there is something healing about being in the ocean, especially here in Hawaii. I came to an awareness about the amazing universe that exists under the surface of the sea about 25 years about when our Jacob became involved with a group of ocean educators on Maui. It was through them that we were able to learn how to snorkel and scuba dive and explore the wonders in that underwater world looking for our beloved honu/green sea turtles. We also enjoyed the activity on the surface with numerous kohola/humpback whale watch expeditions.  

So, here is my plan going forward – to increase my physical activity to include one or more of these activities every week. You are invited to join me.

To your health and happiness.

Until next time…