Sacred Spaces

by | Oct 20, 2017

Do you have favorite places that have touched your heart and soul? A place where the energy was palpable? I have a few that were such a powerful experience that each time they come to mind I can vividly see and feel them all over again. I am sure there are more but these few are the ones most vivid to me now. One is in the middle of the ocean between Maui, Lanai, and Kahoolawe where we spread part of Jacob’s ashes. It was the clearest day with light blue skies and deep blue water that was so still it was like a lake. And so crystal clear you could see deep down. As we approached, two humpback whales greeted us with a ballet to mark this as sacred space. After a few minutes, they moved off a few hundred yards and let us proceed with the scattering of ashes and a swim. As we concluded, they resurfaced and did a synchronized fluke up dive that reminded us of Jacob’s tendency to give a double “shaka” sign. It was a fond farewell.

The second sacred space is on the slopes of Kauai above Kapaa. Several years ago a dear friend had purchased this space and I couldn’t wait to see it. As I drove on to the property and stepped out of my car I was overwhelmed with such strong mana (spirit) from the land that I almost dropped to my knees in reverence and began to cry. Then at night, with no light pollution from city lights, the power of the heavens unfold with stars so deep you begin to realize what infinity means. Whenever I am there I am filled with the power of the Universe and receive a healing dose of inspiration and motivation.

The third sacred space I want to mention is our backyard. It is a place where we have been blessed to see our children and grandchildren play, where we have celebrated birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries, and spent many evenings in conversation with old and new friends. I can sit on our lanai and recall these many blessings and contemplate their sacredness. For all these sacred spaces, mahalo ke akua!

a hui hou…