Seize the Day

by | Jan 12, 2022

Seize the Day

Starting today! We never know how much time we have on this planet so it’s important that we learn how to make the most of every opportunity that comes our way. So, here are a few ways that you can SEIZE THE DAY – CARPE DIEM!

Do something new

Typically, this means stepping outside your comfort zone. Yes, taking the risk and doing that thing you’ve always talked about doing but never quite had the courage to do. People are like boats, safest when they are tied up at the dock, but that’s not what we are built for. Even if we haven’t written it down, most of us have a “bucket list”, so, what’s on yours? I once found a great little book called, 2001 Things to do Before You Die, and while many of them would never apply to me, there were many that I highlighted, like riding a Harley motorcycle. Done! What’s next?!

Live in the present

Living in the past just won’t do. Yes, we have all had our very painful life lessons, but that is what they were, lessons. If we continue to look in the rear view mirror we might miss the great moments and new lessons that are happening right now. Take a deep breath in, hold it for a few seconds, and really feel yourself in this moment. What can you do right now to seize the day? Perhaps it is just stepping outside into the fresh air and sunshine. Seize that moment!

Practice meditation

Our brain is wired to question and is constantly recycling and ruminating on past experiences. So how do we quiet all that chatter? Cultivating a meditation and/or mindfulness practice can help get you to a calmer place where you can begin to visualize and manifest, and seize the day.

Face your fears

This one is often the most challenging because sometimes we aren’t even sure where the fear comes from. It is your brain going into protection mode from anything that might be changing your comfort zone. Sometimes those fears are from really significant events, but sometimes they’re not, so we need to take time to examine them and begin to take the steps to move past them. Seize the day and take that first step.

Build Yourself Up

As you learn how to seize the day, you need to bring the best version of yourself to the table everyday. Are there skills you need to develop? Are there books that will help guide you towards your version of your new self? Do you need to meet new people to learn things you never thought were possible? Maybe it’s time to invest in a mentor or partner with a friend so you have someone else keeping you accountable with these new changes you’re embarking on. Your current self is a work in progress but the person you can become will be extraordinary. And that person will seize the day effortlessly. 

Help others in need

Life is best experienced when you share moments with others. We’re all going to have moments when we feel like our world is falling apart and need a helping hand. If someone is going through a tough time, offer a listening ear. If a friend lost a parent, order a food basket with treats to their house as they’ll likely have many guests visiting so it gives them one less thing to worry about. Or when you hear about a volunteer organization running low on help, jump in and become a volunteer. Seize the day by being a great friend when people need one.

Play a little

What was that one thing you loved to play as a kid? The one where you would be so engaged that you lost track of time? How can you recreate that feeling in your present moment? One of the biggest regrets people have on their deathbeds is that they wish they didn’t work as much. Life is less about work and more about play. Make life about the little moments because in the end you’ll find that those are the big moments you live for. 

Get out in nature

When was the last time you stood by a lake, river, or any body of water and took a deep breath of that fresh air? When was the last time you watched the waves crash onto rocks or simply roll up on shore? When was the last time you took a walk among the trees and felt their energy? Or watched the clouds, or gazed at the stars? These events may sound simple but they’re what make life so special. It’s these little moments that make you appreciate all of the beauty in the world. So, step outside. Enjoy the sunshine shining its vibrant light on the world,  observe life happening all around you, and seize the moment.

Choose Love

It’s impossible to seize the day when we live in a ME centered world. Moving forward, take the time each day to spread love to others: your family, your friends, and even strangers. How can you make someone’s day? Invest in listening to the needs of other people, even if they don’t know how to communicate those needs effectively. Make people feel special, valued, and loved by you. Don’t let a moment go by where you don’t tell people what you appreciate about them and how important they are to you.

Let go of negativity

The best way to seize the day is by making a simple attitude shift. If you really want your life to be about the philosophy of carpe diem, you need to let go of the hurt and pain you carry with you. 

Be grateful

One of the simplest ways to seize the day is to begin and end with gratitude. An easy way to get started is with the alphabet – name something for each letter. It may seem trite at first but eventually you will begin to see the things around you that you are truly grateful for and start to reap the benefits of a gratitude mindset. 

Dream big

The possibilities are endless and the journey towards them begins with a single step. Eleanor Roosevelt is quoted as saying, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”  Be a dreamer and go seize the day!

So, today’s the day to seize the day 

Now that you have some starting points, what are you waiting for? Now that you have finished reading this, get up and go outside, take a deep cleansing breath, and seize the day – every day.

Malama pono…until next time…