Sitting Here…

by | Aug 23, 2018

Today as I am sitting here waiting for Hurricane Lane to pass, the song by Jimmy Cliff, Sitting in Limbo came to mind. I knew a few of the lyrics but when I decided this would be a good blog topic and actually read them all, they provided even more reflection than I anticipated.

The first couple of stanzas talk about having faith in the face of resistance. That is certainly appropriate for either waiting for a storm to pass (literally or metaphorically) or in regards to our current political climate. In either case, we must keep our faith in the fact that good does prevail.

Next, it says, “Sitting here in limbo, Got some time to search my soul.” When you have completed all your hurricane preparations, done the laundry, cooked some extra meals, and any other task you fill the time with, taking time to pause and so some real soul searching and meditation would be time well spent.

Another line is “waiting for the tide to flow” and that is certainly appropriate as we watch and wait for the storm surge and high waves approaching. And while we wait, there is a upsurge in the social media and text messages between family and friends, praying for everyone’s safety. Let’s not have to wait for a natural disaster to take the time to connect.

So, while there is still some calm in the air, and I am sitting here, I am going to take some time to remember my faith, do some soul searching, and continue to connect and pray with my family and friends.

Until next time…