Steps to Success

by | May 22, 2018

The story is told of a young man who decided to climb the ladder of success. He put in long hours, sacrificed Saturdays with his family, and eventually inched his way up to the top rung on the corporate ladder — only to find his ladder was against the wrong wall. The corner office on the executive floor did not satisfy his heart and spirit. Personal soul-searching revealed that more balance between career and family was a better plan. In fact, this particular young man began to view life like a pentathlon, with a need to devote his energy and attention to five areas: career, family, faith, community, and personal health. Each night, he made a list of the steps he could take the next day to nurture faith and family relationships. He wrote these in his daily planner alongside his work tasks. Weekly or monthly, he checked his attention to health, as well as community contributions. He realized that different stages of life called for more labor of love in one area than another, but his general quest was for balance in those areas. Once he determined what he wanted for his future and where he wanted his ladder, the daily climb was smoother. Falling in love with your future means having a plan that gives you something to surprise you. Planning is the golden bridge to the future we desire. ~excerpt from Fall in love with your future – Exploring the Path to a Meaningful Life, by Ron & Mary Beshar

Enjoy the rewards of planning.

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