Summer Reading

by | Jun 7, 2021

I wouldn’t call myself an avid reader but when I find a really good one I devour it! Sometimes more than once! With the changes that summer brings to most of our schedules it allows time for that type of indulgence. So, I thought I would share with you what has caught my attention lately.

First, strictly for entertainment, a series of two novels that were given to me by a dear friend. They are both by Isabele Allende, Portrait in Sepia and Daughter of Fortune. An intriguing saga of journeys across generations. These are the kind that will keep me up at night until I have reached the end.

Next, are a few for personal development. Our journey toward greater awareness should never end and here are two that have recently really struck a chord with me. The first one I have mentioned before, Thrive, by Arianna Huffington, reminded me of many concepts I have learned before, but have become more relevant to my current path. The second is High Performance Habits, by Brendon Burchard. Again, not totally new concepts but the way he presents them has struck a chord for me. There is always room for personal improvement.

Finally, the one that really sparked the idea for this blog is The Invitation, by Oriah. I was surprised that I had not come across this book before as it was published in 1999. A friend recently shared the poem that inspired the book and then when I read it I knew I needed to share some of its remarkable insights. It provides a guide to a new way of looking at our lives and emotions. Through fear, sorrow, beauty and joy, Oriah invites the reader to see life in a new perspective and you might be amazed at what you see and feel. At the end of each chapter she provides a meditation on the topic. I know I will reread this one multiple times. And, I now look forward to reading her other books, The Dance and The Call.

I hope this might inspire you to add reading a good book (or two) to your summer activities. Share with me what’s on your summer reading list.

Until next time…