Sunday Mornings

by | May 15, 2017

One of my favorite times to meditate and write is Sunday mornings. As the sun makes its colorful way into the sky. In the early quiet followed by the awakening of birds, pets, and the neighborhood. With a nice cup of tea. A reminder that all is good. A time to both reflect and look ahead. A time for gratitude. And sometimes it is just enough to sit and feel the sun – not think, not write, just be.

Here is an awareness meditation that is perfect for a Sunday morning.

Begin by following  your breath….Experience the rhythm of the in-breath and the out-breath….Allow your mind to settle into your breath….Be aware of thoughts that arise but don’t try to do anything about them….They will arise, and go away.

Imagine a small golden light in your heart center, a golden flame….Feel its warmth….Imagine this as the light of awareness, that guiding presence that is always with us….Continue to be aware of your breath, but also of that light in your heart….Let yourself rest in it….Trust that there is a light within you that knows you, reveals yourself to you, and guides you.

Slowly breathe that light out into the world….Imagine that it travels far….activating light and awareness wherever it goes….Know that as you sit quietly in and with that light you are awakening it in the vast network of consciousness, of which we are all a part….Ask that all beings experience the light of awareness within them….Know that as you arise from this meditation, that light goes with you.

A hui hou…