The Best Things in Life

by | Apr 12, 2018

You may have noticed in my blog that I like lists. They give me a sense of order and accomplishment in my sometime hectic world. I came across an old email that included a very long list of things people considered “the best things in life” so have chosen a few to share with you today.

Laughing so hard your face hurts. Do you remember that last time you enjoyed a good laugh? Mine occur most often with family and very close friends.

Hearing your favorite song on the radio.  Since I mostly listen to the radio in my car and that is tuned in to the “oldies” station, a good Rolling Stones song helps relieve stress on the road.

The beach. I just wish I could get there more often. It cleanses body and soul.

Spending time with old friends. I get to do this again this week!

Song lyrics inside your CD so you can sing along and know all the words. Especially if you are inclined to sing with friends.

The colors of a sunrise or sunset. My friend Richard Drake is a master at capturing a Hawaiian sunrise.

Hugs. Especially from your children or grandchildren! And hugs come in many shapes and sizes.

I would love to hear from you what is on your “Best” list.

until next time…