The Joys of Childhood

by | Mar 6, 2018

As a grandparent, I have the privilege of seeing my grandchildren grow up and am reminded of the simple joys of childhood. So, today I am compiling a list of as many things I can think of where I can remember those times from my childhood, sharing them with my children, or recreating them with the grandchildren or even just for myself.

  • building doll houses outdoors between the plants and with remnants from my father’s interior design samples
  • playing kickball in the street with neighbors
  • slumber parties with girlfriends (have managed to recreate this one with some very close friends after the age of 50!)
  • making s’mores (shared this experience with grandkids around an open outdoor fire)
  • eating ice cream sandwiches (this one has lasted a lifetime)
  • a 64 pack of new crayons (always have one handy)
  • reading Winnie the Pooh (gave both oldest grandchildren a copy of Now We Are Six on their sixth birthdays)
  • watching Mary Poppins (it never gets old)
  • playing in the rain
  • drawing with sidewalk chalk
  • running through sprinklers in the backyard on hot summer days
  • raking leaves and then jumping in the pile
  • building sandcastles (particularly with my father’s drip technique)
  • going to the aquarium or other sea life attractions
  • whale watching, both on land and sea
  • playing board games like Chutes and Ladders or Go Fish
  • building a fort with sheets over the kitchen table
  • having a picnic indoors when it’s raining or cold outside
  • making colored and shaped pancakes
  • a trip to the zoo

So, whatever state of life you are in, stop and recall the simple joys of childhood and see if you can recreate at least one and tell me about it.

until next time…