The Moon

by | May 10, 2017

The Moon….

Mahina and Mahealani are two Hawaiian words associated with the moon and have a special connection for me. Somehow the full moon has always had a powerful energy for me, so much so that I would have to be careful if I was driving on the night of a full moon because I would just be mesmerized by it. Even more so if it was rising on a clear night and reflecting off the ocean! That image became even more significant with Jacob during his cancer journey as he would visualize himself riding on the back of a giant honu under a full moon and he crossed over on the night of a full moon. And then five years ago, Mahealani came shining into our lives again in the month of December, as Jacob’s nephew came into our world. That full moon is most certainly a portal for coming in and going out of this physical realm. So, tonight or on the next full moon I invite you to stop and stand in the moonlight and feel that light and energy that connects us all.

a hui hou….