The Power of Optimism

by | Jun 7, 2018

It’s true – being an optimist can make you healthier! Optimists are more likely to overcome pain and adversity. By exercising your power of optimism you are able to increase your body’s positive responses. Here are a few ways to develop that positive outlook…

Give yourself permission to be happy. Make a list of 10 things that bring you happiness and commit to doing at least one of them every day for a week. Even if it is being with your pet – do it every day!

Be good to yourself and stay away from negative self-talk. Talk to yourself as you would a best friend, giving yourself the same understanding and encouragement.

Add an affirmation. Put up post-it notes around your house or office to remind you of your positive attributes. Affirming these will make it easier to overcome life’s setbacks.

Let go of the guilt. Dwelling on it can contribute to a negative environment. Look for ways to recognize your abilities to contribute and take responsibility to make changes.

Laugh! Humor makes life richer and healthier. Laughter increases creativity, reduces pain, and speeds healing. Keep an Laughter First Aid kit stocked with funny movies, jokes, cartoons, photographs, or even just the phone number of the friend who can make you laugh. Go for the good belly laugh whenever possible.

Find friends. Good friends reinforce positive feelings about yourself, lift you up when you are down, and are just plain vital to your good health. Close social ties are shown to lead to longer, happier lives.

Lend a hand. By helping others, we are able to bring optimism into the world, which in turn can build our self-confidence and remind us that positive change in within reach.

Appeal to the spirit. Spiritual beliefs play an important role in how we view the world. Your sense of spiritual wellness can help you overcome trials. If you believe in a higher power, ask for support in your pursuit of health and happiness.

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