Things That Matter

by | Mar 29, 2018

Memories – When I recall memories of my youth, thankfully there are more friends than activities. And even more gratitude arises as I contemplate that those good friends are still a part of my life. My memories also include those wonderful times spent with my grandparents, and while they have been gone many years, it is important to speak their names and share those memories with my children and grandchildren.

The Arts – With both of my parents in artistic occupations, dad as an interior designer and mom as a symphony musician, I grew up surrounded by the arts and know the impact those experiences can have on us. Whether you have the artistic talent yourself is not critical, it is in the experience that you can be transformed. Put on your favorite music or take a trip to an art show – either one can be good medicine for whatever ails you.

Family – Families come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. With today’s science and technology, we are able to connect with family in new and different ways. However, sometimes family goes beyond those that carry the same genes as you. Our family has been blessed with friends who we consider family. Friends who stand by you through thick and thin, through times of crisis, but also in celebration. And for those who live far away, thank goodness for technology that keeps us connected. Besides the family photos that are on our walls and desktops, there are hundreds more stored in digital form on my computer and phone to keep them always present.

There are many more things that matter, but we will leave those for another day.

until next time…