Time for Comfort Food

by | Aug 2, 2017

Studies have indicated that smell is the most sensitive of our senses and accounts for more than 75% of the impact a flavor has on us. It is also the sense that seems most connected to our emotions and recollection. This became a blog topic as I came across a list of my favorite foods and realized they immediately took me to memories of connections with family and friends. From childhood there is tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches which are still my “go-to” comfort food. The smells of holiday foods stir up visions of family gatherings that span generations and pass on traditions. One such recipe in our family is Papa’s Sweet Potato/Banana/Macadamia nut casserole (it is almost like dessert) and has become a favorite of even extended family.

A tradition that has developed in our family is Sunday Dinner. It began about 15 years ago as our calabash niece came all the way from Maryland to Hawaii to attend college. We promised her parents we would keep a close eye on her and that our home was her home and that at least one good meal (away from dorm food) would be provided on Sundays. Her visits often included various college roommates and friends for whom our door was always open. Sunday Dinner became the norm with an open invitation to family and friends both near and far, or who may be visiting which means sometimes it is four of us and others up to forty. Most times my husband will set up the grill so one of the staples is grilled chicken, rice, and salad (oh, and Sundays always includes dessert!) As our family began to grow with daughter-in-laws and grandchildren, each have identified some of their Sunday favorites as comfort food such as Dad’s beef stew or chili.

Do you have a comfort food that stirs up fond memories? With all this talk of comfort food, tonight might be a tomato soup and grilled cheese dinner.

until next time…