Time Management

by | May 31, 2017

As I move forward on this journey with Alaka’i Associates, I am uncovering some of the foundational resources that have guided me through the years. One such discovery was a book by Julie Morgenstern, first published in 2000 (Time Management from the Inside Out, Morgenstern, Henry Holt and Company LLC, 2000). It made the most sense because it helped me understand my personal relationship to time and ways to manage it.

Here is one of her gems: a three-level diagnostic approach.

Level 1: Technical Errors – you need a skill or technique you don’t have (but, you can learn).

Level 2: External Realities – environmental factors beyond your control (but, you can find ways around them).

Level 3: Psychological Obstacles – certain self-sabotaging habits (but, you can change).

Another important aspect to her approach is to examine these three areas: 1) What’s working and what’s not; 2) Your time management preferences; 3) Your energy cycles and sources.

There are so many more great ideas in her book that I encourage you to find her book and see for yourself. Or wait for an Alaka’i Associates workshop on the topic. Stay tuned…

a hui hou