Transitions and Transformation

by | Jan 11, 2018

Recently a good friend posted a picture of a caterpillar on a crown flower tree (one of their favorites) to eat as they prepare to become a butterfly, and it seemed so fitting for a posting for the new year. Rather than making resolutions that somehow tell us we have a problem to fix, perhaps we look at the new year as an opportunity to transform ourselves and transition from old thoughts and behaviors to ones that represent us in a more authentic way.

Thinking of the caterpillar’s journey and transformation, let’s start with preparing ourselves by first taking a look at our lives and finding gratitude for the basic necessities that we have – food and shelter. Is the food you’re eating providing you with the best health and will it sustain you? Is your shelter/home a place that provides you comfort and peace? Just asking myself the questions gives me ideas about how I can improve on both and prepare myself for a year of marvelous transformation – from caterpillar to butterfly. How will you prepare for your own transformation? I would love to hear from you.

until next time…